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We offer innovative software and technology solutions for any type of event to better engage your guests, and provide clients with real-time feedback.

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Our Products & Services

An innovative, crowd-voting solution that lets your guests vote via tablets or their mobile phones for the songs they want to hear next during your event.

A collaborative music experience for businesses that enables patrons to vote for the songs they want to hear next.

An engaging, flexible, digital spin on trivia. Test your crowd’s trivia prowess with as many questions as you want.

21st Century Group Experiences

Full Crowd Engagement

No matter the event, we guarantee Full-Crowd Engagement

No Apps Required

We use familiar technologies so it’s easy for everyone to participate. No accounts, Apps or registrations required!

Quick turn-around

Schedule permitting, we can be ready to support your event in less than 48 hours

Fun For All

Our tech is intuitive and easy to use. Put a unique spin on your event

We Partner With You

We partner with you to make sure the service you choose provides the experience you want

Budget Friendly

We keep costs down, and work with you to ensure your fun experience is not marginalized.

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