We feel collaborative music experiences should be simple and fun. We partner with businesses to fit their style and keep costs low for not just the business, but also the user. Basic voting and participation is free, but super-voters can level up for a fraction of competitor jukebox platforms.
Mark Laurent
Founder, CEO

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What is CrowdKiosk?

CrowdKiosk is a next generation replacement to the antiquated jukebox. Rather than an individual picking a song for everyone to listen to, we enable your patrons to participate in selecting the next songs. Everyone can participate for free, but those that really want to get involved can pay nominal fees to be more involved.

For your business...
  • Customized playlists created by you to suit your venue’s ambiance and theme.
  • Minimal setup and maintenance costs.
  • Generate revenue when your patrons purchase votes and get involved with music selection.
For your patrons...
  • Unlike with a jukebox, everyone votes to play the most popular songs.
  • Free to participate! Get free votes by joining the event or making a purchase at the business.
  • No Apps or downloads required.

Keep your patrons engaged with CrowdKiosk

You set the playlist & your patrons collectively pick the next song!​

The Business' Experience

Playlist Curation
  • As a business, you pick the music for your library.
  • Group your songs into phases for happy hour, dinner, or any block of time.
  • Dynamically update the playlist online or by calling one of our playlist curators.
  • Live music venues can add local artists’ music to the playlist for patrons to vote on.
Controls & Features
  • Turn crowd voting on or off at any point.
  • Control volume, fast-forward, pick specific songs to play or stop music playback at any time.
  • Give additional votes to patrons as incentives and keep them voting longer.
  • Live music venues can feature & promote artists by having their songs up for vote more often.

The User's Experience

Join to Vote
  • A patron joins on their smartphone to participate and vote for what song plays next.
    • No Apps or downloads required in order to join and participate!
Vote Credits
  • Get votes in 3 different ways:
    • Simply by joining, the patron gets free votes credited to their account.
    • The business can give votes to patrons that make purchases.
    • The patron can purchase votes
Additional Features
  • Patrons can vote for or against songs to influence the next song that plays.
  • See how many vote credits are in your account at all times.
  • Unused vote credits stay in your account for future visits.

CrowdKiosk is a jukebox alternative that keeps
your patrons coming back!

Never have the "wrong" song played at the wrong time.

Why CrowdKiosk?

Better Customer Experience

Your patrons will never complain about paying for a song that never plays.

Increases Revenue

Giving patrons the ability to vote will keep them engaged longer and they’ll come back to keep voting!


Your patrons can influence song selection in real-time using their smartphones.

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