My wife and I came up with CrowdDJ because we wanted something fun (and low cost) for our wedding! Users vote on songs from a short list, and the song with the most votes wins and plays next- the songs on the list with the least votes get replaced with new songs! This ensures that only the most popular songs play.
Mark Laurent
Founder, CEO

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What is CrowdDJ?


We help you develop a playlist that perfectly reflects the vibe you’re going for. Cocktail hour, followed by dinner music, then dancing? No problem. We’ve got you covered. 


​We’ll bring and set up the CrowdDJ Player, pre-loaded with your songs.

If you want, we’ll also provide mounted tablets displaying our CrowdDJ voting interface to enable your guests to vote on the song they want to hear next from your playlist. 


As the Host, you kick off the party with the first song. The tablets activate automatically and display a few songs for your guests to vote from. 

Don’t want to use tablets? Your guests can also join the party through their smartphones to vote. No apps or fees required!

The Experience

With CrowdDJ, the song with the highest number of votes plays next, and new songs are added to the voting mix automatically from your playlist. As the Host, you have total control: override the votes and pick the next song, fast-forward, or skip ahead to suit your event’s schedule if and whenever you want. You can even limit the number of votes guests can cast per song from their phones.

CrowdDJ provides a collaborative music experience

You set the playlist & your guests help DJ!​

Choosing CrowdDJ

Before your event
  • Contact us to schedule your event! We work with you to build your perfect playlist – just give us the titles, and we’ll get the songs for you! ​
  • We customize the music experience to suit your needs:
    • Set how many songs your guests can vote on at a time, and select from many other features we offer.
    • Decide how many tablets you want at your venue, and we’ll bring them and set them up for you.
    • You can even rent your sound equipment through us!
  • We take care of the rest!
    • Our technician will bring and set up the necessary equipment and tablets
    • Our technician will give you an overview of the Host Interface and the features available to you so you can operate the CrowdDJ Player with confidence and ease from the Host tablet, or your smartphone
    • At the end of your event, our technician will break down and take care of the CrowdDJ equipment. Done!

CrowdDJ is a social DJ alternative

Never have the "wrong" song played at the wrong time.

Why CrowdDJ?

Control Your Event

Only songs on your approved list will play. Tailor your event by customizing dozens of features and make the event your own!


CrowdDJ packages can run as low as 20% of the cost of an average wedding DJ or band


Your guests can influence song selection in real-time using tablets or their smartphones from the dance-floor or the bar!