Who doesn't love trivia?
I collect the best of the best questions and you won't be able to keep up, your mind will be spinning and you will start questioning yourself! At Crowd Tech we feel that Trivia should be simple, fun and engaging!
Bob Reily
Co-Founder, Trivia Whiz

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What is CrowdTrivia?


The questions are fully customizable: 1980’s, US History, questions about the Bride and Groom, etc. You create the categories and as many of the questions that you want. Crowd Tech can help you fill out your question list for the best experience.


We will bring and set up the CrowdTrivia Tablets. The Tablets can be mounted on table top or floor stands. You select whether it will be a group or individual Trivia experience, and you decide whether Guests can use their mobile phones to participate!

The Experience

For Group Events: the host begins the Trivia contest, and all tablets and participating smartphones ask the same questions. The Host can select random questions, or pick specific questions for everyone to answer. Scores are kept and winners & losers can be tracked.

For Individual Events: players can start an individual Trivia game from any Tablet at the party or their smartphone. The questions are randomized and players can answer as many, or as few the questions as they want. Once complete they are presented with their score, and they can chose to start a new game or exit, allowing the next player to start a new game.

CrowdTrivia is a platform

You pick the questions, your guests are challenged.

Choosing CrowdTrivia

Before your event
  • Contact us to schedule your event! We work with you to prepare your perfect question list – give us the custom questions for your event, or give us the categories, and we’ll write the questions for you!
  • We can customize the Trivia experience:
    • choose the number of questions for individual games
    • customize the questions however you want
    • decide how many tablets you want at your venue, and we’ll bring them and set them up for you
  • We bring everything to you!
    • Our technician sets up the equipment and gives you an overview of the Host Interface and the features available to you so you can manage the Trivia experience from the Host tablet or your smartphone.
  • At the end of your event, our technician will break down and take care of the CrowdTrivia equipment. Done!

CrowdTrivia is a flexible Trivia solution

Why CrowdTrivia?

No Monitoring Required

For the Individual Experience: Games can run on auto-pilot. No time or monitoring is required by the Host during the event.


Extremely affordable CrowdTrivia packages no matter how many users or questions. Contact us for a quote!

Customizable Questions

For themed events, the questions can be customized or focused on specific categories.