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Introducing CrowdKiosk

At Crowd Tech Group, we are revolutionizing the way crowds engage with music! Back in November 1889, a 44-year old inventor named Louis Glass unveiled his “nickel-in-a-slot phonograph”, a contraption that for the first time combined a vending-like coin-operated system with Thomas Edison’s Class M Electric Phonograph, itself only patented in 1877. First installed in the Palais Royale Saloon, in San Francisco, CA, this (bulky) device transformed the very idea of music engagement in public venues and brought on-demand music to the fore. 

Since then, the traditional jukebox has undergone a number of technological innovations, rising in popularity through the 1940s, and even today, some establishments give their nods to history by featuring retro-style jukeboxes. But even with today’s electronic, internet-connected and app-based jukeboxes, the basic core principle remains the same: you pay for a song, you (eventually) hear the song. Some of the more popular options actually allow you to “jump the line” and bump your song up — if you pay extra, of course. And while that may seem attractive, there’s a small (big) problem with that: everyone who spends extra winds up jumping the line. And in a crowded venue, with patrons all vying for their favorite song, that money goes fast. Who wins in that case? Definitely not the customer.

Clearly, there are limitations to the current jukebox model. Sure, the digital jukebox provides access to a huge variety of songs. Having an app on your phone brings the power of choice right to your hand. And linking that apps to music streaming services like Spotify provides even more selection. Sounds great, right? But there’s a reason the expression “too much of a good thing,” exists. A customer making a payment to “request” a song from the convenience of their app does not necessarily guarantee that the song will ever be played, especially when there are a lot of paying customers. And from the venue’s point of view, ceding all control over a huge variety of songs can quickly take away the ambiance and vibe the venue is trying to establish. 

“Paying to maybe hear a single song should probably go the way of the dodo.”

Let’s face it: the idea that paying to maybe hear a single song should probably go the way of the dodo. And besides, why should one person be able to dictate what everyone hears? Don’t get us wrong: we here at Crowd Tech love the nostalgia of the jukebox — yes, even the digital ones are pretty cool. But we also recognize that even those current digital jukeboxes just cannot strike the right mix of venue ambiance and crowd vibe. But the companies making those jukeboxes will happily take your money, of course. 

Crowd Tech offers an alternative to the modern jukebox model, one that focuses on the engagement of the entire crowd in the music through what we call “music democratization.” With CrowdKiosk, our solution strikes that perfect balance between establishing and maintaining the ambiance that the venue is seeking, and also inviting customers to be actively engaged in influencing the music being played. 

“Crowd Tech offers an alternative to the modern jukebox model: CrowdKiosk”

Here’s how it works: with the venue setting the initial playlist to suit the mood of the establishment, CrowdKiosk allows the will of the crowd to speak loud and clear on which song plays next. You purchase your voting credits directly from the establishment — no setting up an account, or entering any credit card information. You can then use your credits to cast votes for the songs that you want to hear. Songs garnering the most votes in each round plays next — no more having to sit through a bad song chosen by the guy at the end of the bar with all the quarters (or credits, if using one of the existing apps). And as customers, through CrowdKiosk you can even suggest that songs be added to the establishment’s playlist. And best of all: there’s no need to download an app, or have a premium account with any music streaming platforms. Everyone can join! You simply scan a QR code provided by the establishment (send a text to the number provided), and you can join through our slick, easy-to-use web interface. See the songs up for vote in each round, and vote with your friends and the rest of the crowd for the songs you want to hear next. And say goodbye to a single person dominating the votes! Want even more votes? Purchase them directly from the establishment (and why not buy a drink while you’re at it?). 

We love CrowdKiosk, and we think you will too!