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Latest News!

It’s been a busy month, and we’re thrilled with the interest we’ve received in CrowdDJ so far! With a few successful events under our belt already (and with more to come!), we’re constantly looking to improve on an already-great product. We’re meeting potential clients every day, and one question we tend to get is: “How big of a party can you host?”

It’s a good question.

With our latest update, CrowdDJ is now a scalable solution that can support events with thousands of people. That’s right: thousands! All using CrowdDJ at once, and experiencing the fun of influencing the music, seamlessly.

So whether your next event is small or large, a wedding, graduation party, or just an excuse to get some friends together, consider giving your guests a unique party experience! Contact us to schedule a demo, and see CrowdDJ firsthand. We think you–and your guests–will love it!