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“Definitely had guests excited and on the dance floor the whole evening…

- Stephanie B.

@ Weddings

Cyndy L
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Mark made our wedding day extremely special. From the choice of music we were able to submit prior to our day to the actual ceremony that he played music during! The entire process was smooth and seamless! I felt confident Mark understood what we were wanting and he was great at communicating thru the entire process! I can't recommend the Crowd Tech Group more highly! I would use them again in a heartbeat. Everyone had an amazing time!
Amanda A.
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CrowdDJ was such a fun addition to my friend's wedding! Voting was super easy and kept the music in line with the mood/vibe of the guests. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Wish we had it at our wedding!!!
Stephen D.
Wedding Guest
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I attended a wedding where CrowdDJ was running, and it was awesome! It made me feel like I was part of the party even more so since I had a hand in crafting the music experience. Voting never felt like a chore. I’m no DJ but being able to find nostalgic songs or help get hype with the current hot song of the time allowed me to put a fingerprint on the event. It’s not uncommon that folks request things from the DJ or want to hear songs that have inside meaning. This streamlined and even helped facilitate that action in a better and easier way. Was such experience from CrowdDJ and certainly one of the many highlights I share when telling stories from that epic night!
Stephanie B.
Wedding Guest
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Definitely had guests excited and on the dance floor the whole evening. Super easy to use and a unique touch for such a special event!
Christy H.
Wedding Guest
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I had the pleasure of experiencing a fun night with Crowd Tech Group at Witch Creek Winery. My friends and I had such fun that one of my friends asked them to DJ her wedding!

I highly recommend them. It's so much fun for any group of any age. Everyone gets to hear and dance to their favorites. I love that we all got to choose the play list ahead of time.
Brooke C.
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Mark was the DJ for a wedding I was the bridesmaid in. He had a great line up of music and the way people get to vote on what the next song will play was so much fun for everyone! People really got into the voting and it was hilarious. I was really happy with his attentiveness in communicating with the bride as well.

@ Private Parties

Jay A.
Private Event Host
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The DJ services where great! I loved how inexpensive it was and how those attending the event got to choose the songs that were played next.
Neda K.
Private Event Guest
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The crowd DJ was a total success. Thank you so much for letting us use it. I loved it. And everybody loved it!!!! You were both a pleasure to work with. It was the funnest part of the evening. To be able to see the songs on the playlist and have a vote to what plays next was awesome!!!!
Justin G.
Business GM
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I run a hotel rooftop pool lounge and we've had Mark and crew run CrowdTech at several rooftop events for us. Our guests and clients have had a blast and love the inter-activeness of the program. We will be sure to use them again!
Sherrill G.
Owner RSVP Weddings & Events
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Mark & Bob are amazing! So flexible and open to new ideas. They came to me with the unique and awesome concept of Crowd DJ and after about 20 minutes we came up with Crowd Trivia which I booked and had at huge Corporate Event. They came up with an entirely new concept, categories and multiples of questions pertaining to my client. We had it at the bar and it was a big hit! They are a pleasure to work with! I will definitely be partnering with them again and booking them for many more events in the future. They are smart, professional, detailed and fun to work with. I highly recommend them for you parties and events.
Carey C.
Public Event Coordinator
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It was so much fun, everyone absolutely had a great time and really enjoyed it! Huge Hit, thanks again.

“I loved it. And everybody loved it!! […] It was the funnest part of the evening…

- NEDA k.

@ Public Events

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