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Perfect for weddings, corporate events,
holiday parties, and more!

let your guests be the dj

You’re planning an event with music, and want to make it unique. Why not let your guests DJ? With CrowdDJ, they get to vote on the songs that play next. So the crowd will always be into it.

awesome memories

Guests ALWAYS remember how good or bad the music is. Emphasize the good by giving them a say in the music they hear. They’ll love it.

Ideal for businesses, bars or restaurants.

let your customers dj

The music in your establishment sets the mood. It can attract customers, and also drive them away. With your guests driving the music selection from your playlist, they’re more likely to stay.

low Setup & maintenance fees

We make it a point to keep setup and operating costs low. Our focus is on customer engagement. Contact us for a quote, and we can discuss the experience that’s right for you and your business.

Customizable trivia for private parties or corporate events.

Personalized Trivia Event

Pick questions from popular categories, or come up with your own questions. Stump your guests in a fun, crowd-engaging, experience.

Group or individual experiences

Choose how your guests participate: individually, or all at once. CrowdTrivia is playable on tablets we provide, as well as on mobile phones.