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Spotlight: Bob Reily

We sat down with Bob Reily, CTG Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, to chat a bit about his involvement with CTG.

Bob Reily, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

What brings you to CrowdTech? It’s a unique product. People really enjoy using it. That’s the easy part. At the same time, almost every day there’s a new challenge to the product becoming a business. That’s the hard part.  I’m here for both parts. What is your favorite feature of CrowdDJ?

Without a doubt, the voting. Letting people have a say in the music selection. [ … ]

What excited you about what we’re doing? Everyone has been to parties, bars, or events where the music being played is not what you want to hear.  Even if the songs you are voting on don’t end up playing, just by having a chance to vote, trying to persuade others to vote with you, you get a chance to have a say in the musical atmosphere (TM Bob on “Musical Atmosphere”). Pick one, and why: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, or Michael Irvin? This is a trick question dreamed up by an evil scientist. You can’t have one without the other two. This would be like asking someone to pick their favorite leg on a tripod. It’s only a tripod because all 3 legs exist.

Last Question: Name two awesome songs! “Girlfriend in a Coma,” by the Smiths – Why? Do you really think she’ll pull through? Who doesn’t love a good mystery? And, “Surfin’ USA,” by the Beach Boys. That’s the song that convinced my wife to move to California.

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