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Spotlight: Danny Laurent

We sat down with Danny Laurent, CTG Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, to chat a bit about how he got involved in the company.

Danny Laurent, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

What brings you to CrowdTech?

For one, I never imagined myself working in this field; I grew up overseas and my career for the past sixteen years has been in international development. But supporting this effort didn’t seem so far fetched because of my love for music. It ties into my background because regardless of culture or circumstances – music is ever present. Music is a language that can unite peoples. Music is an expression of who we are, and what we love.

In CrowdTech, and the products we’re developing, I see a way for people to share new experiences and learn about each other. Technology already allows us to quickly identify a song that you hear at a party – at CrowdTech we want to take it a step further. How many times have you been sitting on a song, craving an opportunity to share it with others at a party? CrowdTech opens a door for that kind of exchange. It’s not difficult for me to get stoked about that.

What is your favorite feature of CrowdDJ?

I love the ease of use of CrowdDJ. When you’re dancing and having a great time, the last thing you want is for that flow to get disrupted because the playlist isn’t reflecting the mood of the crowd. Being able to vote for the songs you want to hear very quickly from your phone, and switch over to take a group selfie (because, you know, selfie) is super easy.

What excited you about what we’re doing?

With CrowdDJ, I love that we’re providing an in-between option for those that want to throw parties with great music, but who may not have the resources to hire a DJ and who also don’t want to sacrifice their laptops/iPods for the party. By letting the crowd get in on next-song song selection, we’re elevating the music experience to a level you don’t usually get. And that’s just to start! We have some really cool products in the pipeline.

Who wins in Deadpool vs. Wolverine?

Hahaha! Really?! I’m assuming we’re talking Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool vs. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, right? Man, that’s a tough one. I think since they can both heal from pretty much anything, you have to remove that from the equation. I have to say Deadpool, though. I think his constant stream of one-liners would just drive Wolverine insane. Yeah, I guess I’d put my money on Deadpool.

Last Question: Name two awesome songs!

A buddy of mine in Poland turned me on to the band Bring Me the Horizon, so their song “Mantra” has definitely been in heavy rotation on my iPhone (the whole album is excellent, by the way). And switching styles, I love “Begin Again,” by Knife Party. That’s an excellent track.

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