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Spotlight: Mark Laurent

We sat down with Mark Laurent, our Founder and CEO, to chat a bit about his involvement with CTG.

Mark Laurent, Founder and CEO

How did Crowd Tech Group come into being?

Well, ever since seeing how the initial version of CrowdDJ impacted my wedding, I’ve felt as though CrowdDJ could become something more. And every conversation I’ve had about CrowdDJ has led to really exciting ideas. My career in IT as a software developer and a consultant gave me important tools to turn CrowdDJ into a business, and professionally, you could say “the stars aligned” for me to give this a shot. I’ve learned a lot, and I imagine I will continue to do so for a long time. I’ve had such a blast collaborating with good people, and we’re building something we’re really proud of.

What is your favorite feature of CrowdDJ?

I can only pick one? Ok, how about the preset playlist? It’s a host-controlled playlist: you know that you’re going to have a good party when the playlist is already full of great songs. But getting the crowd to pick the order of the songs during the party by voting, to me, is the icing on the cake.

What excited you about what we’re doing?

We’ve all been to parties where the DJ played the wrong song at the wrong time, and it’s such a disappointment to have to walk off the dancefloor because you’re not in the mood for the song that’s playing. Giving the crowd the opportunity to be able to prevent that type of disappointment is really exciting to me. And, for the record, we are NOT anti-DJ. In fact, we feel that DJs are actually going to love what we have in the pipeline.

What show have you been binging lately?

Game of Thrones! The final season premiere is coming up, and the storylines are so exciting and convoluted. I had to refresh myself on all the moving parts. I’m actually re-watching the last few seasons. And we all know our favorite characters get killed off, but if Daenerys gets killed off, I might have to swear off TV for a year!

Last Question: Name two awesome songs

Fly Me to the Moon, by Frank Sinatra, and Get Lucky, by Daft Punk.

…and why?

Fly Me to the Moon was my first dance at my wedding. Frank Sinatra has such a great voice and presence in his songs, and it was so much fun to dance to. I’ve loved Daft Punk for a long time, and their tempo and rhythm provide great background music for a lot of the work that I do. Get Lucky is a really fun song, and in my opinion, it’s one of their best.

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