Crowd Tech

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The Experiences We’re Developing

At Crowd Tech Group, we initially set out to enhance the overall enjoyment of the music experience. Our first product, CrowdDJ, gives guests a way to collaboratively pick the next song from a host’s preset playlist. By democratizing the song selection process, CrowdDJ also ensures that no one person can dominate the selection of next songs from the playlist. From our beta testing and initial events, we’ve been thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the platform, backed with thousands of votes from the dance floor! Hosts and guests alike have raved about using the interface, both through their phones and our tablets, without interrupting the party’s flow.

But CrowdDJ is just the start! As we bring CrowdDJ to market, we are currently testing our next offering: CrowdDJ Kiosk. Leveraging the CrowdDJ platform, CrowdDJ Kiosk offers businesses (think coffee shops, bars, lounges, restaurants, and so on) a new and innovative way to further engage with customers. This is not a simple song request list. This is a way for the crowd to guide the music. By making the music less of an afterthought, CrowdDJ Kiosk enables businesses to express their style and character, and invite customers to share in that experience through a seamless and fun platform. CrowdDJ Kiosk lets customers get to know their brands better. If you’re a business and are interested, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

And as we’ve previously mentioned, we are definitely not anti-DJ. Far from it! Even now, we’re working on a product in our pipeline aimed at bringing DJs and other performers closer to their audiences. We’re calling it CrowdConnect, because that’s what it does: it connects the performer to the crowd, and provides a foundation for continued interaction. So definitely watch this space. Exciting things are coming!