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The Story Behind CrowdDJ

About six years ago, my fiancée and I were planning our wedding. We had a shoestring budget, and we definitely wanted to avoid taking on more debt. We couldn’t afford a DJ (or a band, for that matter). And with how busy things were, the idea of looking around for a cheap DJ, spending time with him/her to make sure they played the songs we wanted (or avoided the song we didn’t want played) was out of the question.

We considered the standard DIY options; but using a music streaming service for our wedding seemed… honestly?… boring. We considered putting together a custom playlist and using a computer, but that didn’t seem like “us.” We kept circling back to the idea of a hybrid DJ of sorts—something that could play music to match the vibe of the crowd, without the risk of bad music being played or the high cost. And that’s when it struck me: why not let the crowd DJ?

My fiancée was excited by the idea and totally on board. So I got to work. In the end, we wound up with something that allowed our diverse guests (techie & non-techie, older and younger) to get involved with DJ’ing using a super simple setup: our guests were presented with four songs to vote from a master playlist my fiancée and I had assembled, and the song receiving the highest number of votes played next automatically. We set up iPads around the dance-floor, and guests could walk right up, tap their vote, and continue dancing. Even guests not on the dance-floor could join the party by using their smartphones, and could vote from their dinner table.

Mark’s Wedding, 2013

It was a runaway hit. People got it. It worked, and everyone had fun, and the dance-floor was packed!

And now, six years later, I decided to dust of the idea and launch a company to offer CrowdDJ to others interested in having a great music experience at their events — whether weddings, parties, happy hours…even proms. I brought my brother, Danny, and my good friend, Bob, on board to help out, and in three short months, we’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve filed a provisional patent, planned out our business strategy and a five-year plan, and we’ve created Crowd Tech Group, Inc. We have our first official CrowdDJ event at the end of March—with two more scheduled in April! We’re thrilled to bring this product to market.

So you’re planning a party. You have a vision. Catering, decor, venue… music. Maybe you’ve got a big budget, or maybe not. Either way, we’re here to offer you something practical, innovative, and affordable—CrowdDJ costs, on average, 80% less than the cost of hiring a DJ, and will give you and your guests a unique and fun music experience. Party/On!