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Why Good Music Experiences Matter at Weddings

So you’re planning your wedding. Congratulations! Chances are, you’ve been to a wedding or two, and you’re thinking back to what made them special to you. And you’re wondering how your guests will remember your own wedding. What do you remember the most from the weddings you’ve attended? If you’re like most people, maybe you’re thinking of the bar. Most everyone enjoys a good selection of beverages (alcoholic, and otherwise). How about the food? Yeah, bad or bland (or not enough) food can really un-fun the guest experience. But what about the music? When was the last time you went to a wedding and thought: “Whoa, that wedding really did have great music!”

The quality of the music can make or break the entire wedding experience for the guest and the happy couple. In fact, in a survey conducted by Zola, 750 couples ranked the band/DJ third on the list of things that made their weddings “unforgettable.” And what we’re really talking about here is the music experience. There are many ways in which a music experience can be ruined; arguably the most common are that either the playlist/song selection was bad to begin with, or the band/DJ couldn’t read the crowd, or they were generally a pain to deal with. It all may not be worth your time — or money. 

81% of guests say they remember the most is the music

At the end of the day, what’s most important to the marrying couple is thoroughly enjoying the moment, and leaving a good, lasting impression with their guests. Beyond the beautiful dresses, the ornate decorations and table settings, the food and drink, or the swans (no judgments, if that’s what you’re going for), 81% of guests say the thing they remember the most about the weddings they got to is the music. The music sets the tone, feeds into the vibe, creates energy and excitement, and brings everyone into the celebration. And yet, it’s often not a high priority for the marrying couple, with greater emphasis being placed on the dresses, decorations, maybe swans, and food/drink. But within a week of their wedding, 78% of brides say they would have made entertainment (i.e., music) their highest priority. Clearly, the music makes a lasting impression.

78% of brides say they would have prioritized entertainment higher

So if you’re organizing your wedding, how can you make that lasting impression? Or, posed differently: how can you lower the risk of leaving your guests with a bad lasting impression? How can you ensure that the music not only involves the crowd, but also puts your own special stamp on the wedding reception?

You could, of course, throw more money at the problem. But that might be difficult given the already high cost of weddings! According to, in 2018 the average couple budgeted $16,000 for their wedding. The actual average cost though shoots up to about $29,000 — almost twice the amount. So sure, with a cool $6,000 or so, you’re more likely to get a good band — if you have the time to find one. Or, $2,000 could get you a solid DJ, but you’ll need to shop around, ask for recommendations, build your own playlist (or yikes! Trust someone you’ve just met to build one for you), and hope that he/she really knows how to read your crowd. But every budget has a limit. Wouldn’t it be great to spend more of that money on the other parts of your wedding, and still have great music?

This is exactly the problem we wanted to tackle. In fact, it’s where the very idea of CrowdDJ came from. (Learn more about the story behind CrowdDJ told by Mark). Basically, a wedding on a budget can lead to unnecessary sacrifices. Why should you have to compromise on the music experience? With CrowdDJ, there’s no need to compromise anymore.

Having CrowdDJ at your wedding means that your guests get to influence the music. Our end-to-end service takes the indecision of the playlist away, and gives you the music list your guests are most likely to respond to — all while giving you complete control of the music experience through our seamless, easy-to-use interface. Oh, and CrowdDJ costs 80% less than the average DJ. Just saying.

So if you want to try something different, something guaranteed to leave a great, lasting impression on your guests and put your own unique spin on your special day, consider CrowdDJ. You won’t be disappointed.